Paul Skawinski

Suggested Books

Butterflies & Insects

Butterflies of the North Woods – Larry Weber

Insects of the North Woods – Jeffrey Hahn

How to Raise Monarch Butterflies – Carol Pasternak

Monarchs and Milkweed – Anurag Agrawal

Bees: an identification and native plant forage guide – Heather Holm

Pollinators of Native Plants – Heather Holm


Nature In Our Lives

Last Child in the Woods – Richard Louv

The Nature Principle - Richard Louv

Bringing Nature Home – Doug Tallamy

Half-Earth – E.O. Wilson

Silent Spring – Rachel Carson


Wildflower Identification

Wildflowers of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region – Emmet Judziewicz, Merel Black


Landscaping with Native Plants

The Living Landscape – Doug Tallamy, Rick Darke

Landscaping with Native Plants of Wisconsin – Lynn Steiner

Birdscaping in the Midwest - Mariette Nowak